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Laura O’Shaughnessy recommends Ashford Kennels.
May 14 at 9:39 PM ·

Brought Betty (cockerdor)home from Ashford Kennels this weekend. Lisa clearly adores all her dogs and Nelly and Flynn were outstanding examples of their breed and produced a gorgeous litter. I could have brought them all home.
Betty travelled home the 200 miles sound asleep. She has settled wonderfully, has been clean so far and was clearly well socialised. She is friendly, has loads of character and just looks so healthy. The vet could tell how well bred she was and was impressed by the comprehensive puppy pack.
I looked for so long for a dog and wanted to be sure that they were from a caring and ethical breeder. Lisa is passionate about what she does, loves the puppies, is helpful and knowledgable and the evidence is the quality puppies that she breeds. Betty has obviously had great socialisation and picks up knee commands v quickly. I know that Betty has had the best start in life and can’t thank Lisa enough for breeding such wonderful dogs.

Christiana Ober recommends Ashford Kennels.
May 14 at 10:35 AM ·

We have had our lovely black lab puppy for less than a week and we are already so in love with her! Our experience with Lisa and Ashford Kennels has been fantastic. She kept us informed every step of the way and has done everything she can in regards to health checks of both the parents and puppies. Our girl is thriving and already a special part of the family.

Jack Bispham recommends Ashford Kennels.
May 14 at 10:09 AM ·

We would 100% recommend Lisa and Ashford Kennels to anyone looking to buy a new puppy. Mabel is a lovely natured puppy and has settled in well to our home. She is a testament to the hard work that Lisa has put in to her dogs and pups. Thankyou Ashford Kennels for Mabel.

Libby Peacock recommends Ashford Kennels.
May 14 at 9:58 AM ·

A responsible breeder who has bred some fantastic pups and provides great advice to clients both before and after taking puppies home. Would recommend Ashford Kennels again and again 😊

Hungary Mac recommends Ashford Kennels.
May 14 at 9:48 AM ·

I really have had the most wonderful experience with Ashford Kennels.
Lisa is the perfect breeder and my new pal Max is just the best little guy. He is so happy and confident, which I am sure is down to how Lisa has socialised him and looked after him. I would 100% recommend Ashford Kennels to anyone!! Communication with Lisa is brilliant too- she was on hand to answer any question before we got him and since.
Also- all pups are microchipped, had their first vaccines, wormed and come with an extremely comprehensive puppy pack with the hip score, eye score and info of mum and dad. My vet was amazed at how detailed it all is which was such a piece of mind for me as a new owner.
Lisa has thought of absolutely everything even putting in a cut off of Mum’s blanket when we brought Max home 🙂
I feel so very lucky to have such a wonderful new edition to my family and can’t thank Lisa enough!!

Jude Wild recommends Ashford Kennels.
May 13 at 8:00 PM ·

Lisa has been fab throughout the whole process, answering my random questions without batting an eyelid. My girl Margo is pretty much toilet trained already, at 8 wks, and has settled well into our family life with 3 boys, 2 being teenagers and 1 having learning difficulties. She has a delightful, loving and playful personality. At her vet check this morning we were told you could tell she was from a 5⭐️ breeder due to the thorough paperwork we’d been given with parental history and checks. We couldn’t agree more. She’s a very welcome addition to our family, and we’re forever grateful to Lisa for having given her such a wonderful start in life.

Joe Christie recommends Ashford Kennels.
May 11 at 8:16 PM ·

Home safe and sound after collecting Boris from Ashford Kennels…
Just like to say a huge thank you Lisa. For your help from start to finish..
Highly recommended this place, you can clearly see there is so much effort, time and love put into her dogs… I’m over the moon with Boris… 
Thanks again Ashford Kennels..

Leanne Till recommends Ashford Kennels.
April 24 ·

So… Maslow is a year old now and what an absolute joy he has been.
He works full time in a primary school and is loved by many.
He really is an absolute joy to be around and everyone including his vet talks about his phenomenal temperament.
Thank you so much Lisa, he is a phenomenal dog and we are so grateful to you for bringing him into our lives!

Kayt Heaney recommends Ashford Kennels.
January 12 ·

We picked our puppy Hunter up from Lisa nearly 4 weeks ago, he is our absolute world, he has a wonderful temperament and is so easy to train! Lisa gives lots of fabulous information and I know she is always there should I need any advice, her communication is great and the little book he came with has been really helpful. I wouldn’t have a puppy from anywhere else and would recommend Lisa to anyone!

Jen Mason recommends Ashford Kennels.
January 2 ·

We got our little pup, Jaxon from Lisa nearly three weeks ago. He’s so beautiful and well behaved (most of the time). Almost toilet trained already and so loving and playful. Can’t fault Lisa at all so organised and really trust that her litters were exceptionally bred and produced strong pups. Thanks Lisa!

Lisa Steel recommends Ashford Kennels.
September 12, 2018 ·

we picked up our 8 week old cockador from Lisa. He is stunning and amazing nature. He is so well behaved. I really feel the family have done a fantastic job with the pups. it was a long drive but would do it again tomorrow for a another dog. 
highly recommend these breeders. 
Thanks lisa and family for our beautiful fur baby. xx

Sophie Cabaret recommends Ashford Kennels.
September 8, 2018 ·

Can’t recommend Lisa highly enough. Our cockador Yogi has settled in so quickly and is a wonderful temperament. We were originally worried as we’d not visited the kennels or met Yogi before collection but Lisa was so brilliant throughout and her kennels are excellent, she clearly has the dogs welfare as a top priority. Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful puppy !!!

Elaine Clapham reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
June 29, 2018 ·

I collected Rosie, choccy Labrador from Lisa at Ashford kennels 3 weeks ago. Everything was perfect. Rosie is a beautiful healthy lively puppy with a fantastic temperament and has settled in great. Lisa is there for any advice. I can definitely recommend this kennels .

Hayley Sinnott reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
June 17, 2018 ·

Hi Lisa, 
I just wanted to say I big thank you for everything you did for our big boy CHIEF. 
I couldn’t have asked for anymore from you/ashford kennels. CHIEF is thriving and has really settled in well considering he is only 9weeks old and he has only been with us for 1 week, he has definatley found his feet 😃 I couldn’t have ask for a better breeder, service and puppy, #lovechief #ashfordkennels

Leanne Till reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
June 1, 2018 ·

Maslow was generously donated to my school to be trained as a school dog (and potential therapy dog).
Lisa has been amazing, she let me witter on for hours about ‘should I buy these chews or those chews?’ She reassured me repeatedly on things I was uncertain of and when I eventually picked Maslow up after 8 LONG weeks she proceeded to reinforce everything he needed to have a good life.
The whole school used to wait in anticipation on a Friday for the puppy updates which was a fantastic way of beginning to build a relationship and going to meet Maslow at 5 weeks was a lovely experience. Lisa even bought Holly (Maslow’s mum) to the school so she could meet the children and Lisa could see how excited they were about their new addition.
With this in mind I would like to add a few more things.
1. Lisa adores these dogs, yes she’s a breeder and it’s her job but no one could doubt the affection her dogs have for her or she has for them.
2. They leave with a puppy pack with is simaler to the ‘red book’ you get with a newborn. This will become your bible. Mine now has chew marks from a car ride with a certain puppy but it is fantastic.
3. Lisa takes pride in her breeding line (which she should, it’s brilliant) Maslow has fantastic genetics (Dad has hip scores of 0!) and his temperament is phenomenal. Lisa knew this, She knew each puppy and what they were like.
4. When Lisa tells you to prepare by having chew things available. LISTEN. Labrador puppies are basically land sharks for the first few weeks your ankles will thank her for it.
Maslow is extremely well adjusted, adults at my school have commented on how ‘bomb proof’ he is – literally nothing phases him. At 9 weeks old he sat in a school assembly with 400 children and curled up and cheerfully chewed the carpet (see point 4) these are dogs that are used to noise but are also well adjusted and confident on being alone for a few minutes at a time – I genuinely believe this is down to the fantastic start they have. Maslow has been crate trained from the day I bought him home and we have never had a ‘bad night’ with him. He knows the time to sleep and has slept through the night with no accidents since day 3. He is also beyond clever and mastered clicker training within a few minutes of starting it – as a result he now (at 10 weeks)sits, goes down, does touch, fetch, spin and leaves it (you want to reinforce that one quick!) on command!
Wrekin View School and my family are extremely grateful to Lisa for her wonderful gift and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone.

Caroline Read reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
May 31, 2018 ·

Day 4 with our gorgeous Cavapoo and we are totally smitten! Lisa was fantastic from when we first made contact with her when the litter were 2 weeks old. We were able to visit Roxy when she was 5 weeks and Lisa kept us regularly updated with photos of our little furry bundle of joy. In the lead up to collecting her Lisa was fantastic at helping with any questions I had and has been at the end of the phone for my many questions since bringing Roxy home. I can’t thank her enough for bringing Roxy into our lives and completing our family.

Victoria West-Jones reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
May 30, 2018 ·

Well little Walter our Black Labrador who’s 10wks old has only been with us for coming up to two weeks and he’s amazing….Healthy, Handsome & Happy. Wally Has settled in so quickly to our family life we can’t imagine our home without him now. He is toilet trained (almost), does the commands ‘sit’ ‘paw’ ‘down’ ‘rollover’….so impressed with him already. Lisa is so kind, helpful & professional. She devotes herself to all of the pooches and has given them nothing but the very best. I Would without a doubt recommend ashford kennels to anyone wanting or even just thinking about getting a family pet or working dog as they are ‘Top Dogs’. Thanks for all your helpfulness & completing our home xxx

Andrew Ward reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
March 30, 2018 ·

We would highly recommend Ashford Kennels, Lisa has been fab from the moment I made contact back in January. Bailey our mini dachshund settled in so quickly and is a well loved member of our family. From the moment we meet him and his mom he has been a lovely friendly and sociable puppy which speaks volumes for Lisa. Bailey is such a sociable puppy and he is doing so well at puppy training. He absolutely loves our 2 sons and is very protective over them. Everyone who meets Bailey on his daily walks stops and makes such a fuss, we are sure Lisa will be inundated with enquires from our home town.

Gael Price reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
March 23, 2018 ·

The whole experience was amazing, from the first visit to see our pup at 4 weeks old, all the way through to finally collecting her, Lisa was fab with the updates and answering all my questions. Lisa also kept Luna an extra 2 weeks for us so that we could pick her up after our family holiday.
Luna is nearly a year old now and is so happy, healthy, content and loving. You can tell she’s been well bred and looked after from day 1.
I’d have no reservations about travelling the 530 mile round trip again for our next Puppy.

Rachel Leeper reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
February 10, 2018 ·

We picked Brody up just over a month ago and he has been very good and settled in so well in to the family. He is a quick learner and we cannot wait to see him grow.
Lisa was helpful all through the process answering any questions we had which was reassuring being first time owners. We would highly recommend Ashford Kennels.

John Friend reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
January 7, 2018 ·

We would without a doubt recommend Ashford Kennels to anyone. From the get go, as we’re first time owners, Lisa has been so helpful and totally professional throughout the whole process. It’s clear to see they are very experienced and take pride in what they do.
We picked up our fox red Labrador puppy Jöttnar 4 weeks ago and his doing great. It was evident he was well socialised and the puppy pack and advice we received was amazing.
We can’t thank Lisa enough for her hard work and the new addition to our family.

Laura Alison Mallett reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
January 3, 2018 ·

Lisa is very knowledgeable and happy to help at all times, she loves the puppy’s a lot and really truly cares about them which is lovely. Our little poppy is beautiful nearly fully toilet trained already and sits when told to and she has only been home with us for 4 days now. 
We would recommend Lisa to anyone thinking of getting a puppy in the future.

Jon Watkins reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
December 26, 2017 ·

We have had our puppy for 2 weeks now and loving her we are very grateful we got her from Lisa. She is extremely confident and learning so fast which is a great credit to Lisa. Our vet said they have never seen such a detailed handover booklet which has made their lives easy.

Helen Lake reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
December 23, 2017 ·

Thank you so much Lisa for our gorgeous Barney who has settled in really well! He’s a very good boy and we are very impressed with him! He has obviously been well prepared for his new home and we couldn’t be happier, thank you!! Xx

Dean Foster reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
December 15, 2017 ·

We’re so happy with our new Labrador puppy, Eddy. As first time owners, we couldn’t have been more happy with Ashford Kennels. There was excellent communication throughout, we were always excited to receive weekly updates on our puppy! Lisa was very helpful, providing lots of advice and guidance. It was obvious to see that she has a lot of passion for her dogs, and we can see that in our little Eddy. He is perfect! Thank you, Lisa

Hayley Wellock reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
November 18, 2017 ·

First time breeding our bitch to one of Lisa’s stud dogs and Lisa was absolutely lovely and made it very easy for a newbie. Her kennels are absolutely immaculate, and she was happy to give ongoing advice and support. Thank you Lisa x

Stef Watts reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
November 12, 2017 ·

We picked up our cockerdor pup Marty on Halloween and we are totally besotted. He is a beautiful bundle of fun and we are enjoying him being part of our family and seeing him grow.
Lisa was so helpful from start to finish and helps with any queries and aftercare questions which is great and very reassuring for two first time dog owners!!
We would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a puppy and we have some friends that are already interested in one of the future litters

Claire Hawkins reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
November 7, 2017 ·

We picked up Hugo, our Cockerdor puppy from Lisa just over a week ago and he has settled so well into our lives. We have two boys aged 4 and 20 months and we could not have asked for a more good natured and gentle puppy.
It has been a fantastic experience to buy a puppy from Lisa; such wonderful support and advice every step of the way and regular updates on the puppies progress, along with a detailed puppy folder, blanket, food, vaccination and microchipping! Can’t recommend her or her puppies highly enough!

Rebecca Nash reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
November 7, 2017 ·

We are so thrilled with Wilber our cockadore from Ashford Kennels. Lisa has been brilliant every step of the way – right from our first conversation I knew this was a great place to get a puppy. After choosing Wilber we had weekly updates and then we took Wilber home along with a great information pack and other things for settling him in. He’s been a joy and is already toilet trained after 4 days and no longer crying when left. It’s great to know Lisa is on hand for advice too. Thanks.

Michele Taylor reviewed Ashford Kennels — 5 star
October 31, 2017 ·

Thank you so much Lisa, our beautiful pup Poppy is great fun and already settling in very well. She’s a dream and a pickle!
Thanks to Lisa and of course Brooke and Bob (Poppy’s parents)at Ashford Kennels for everything.
Lisa is very professional and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Poppy had a 4 hour journey home and settled quickly and straight into the garden so no accidents! she is now sleeping like a baby!
Lisa for all your help answering our queries and keeping us up to date with the pups progress.
Lisa, thank you for our wonderful little boy! Always available to answer any concerns I’ve had and such a professional breeder! Couldn’t have asked for more x